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    In normal palm They are 4 kinds reset:
    - Soft-reset (Reset button)
    - Warm-reset (Reset button + Up arrow)
    - Hard-reset (Reset button + Power button and after Up arrow)
    - Flash-reset (Reset button + Todo button)

    The fourth one in Treo I don't witch button replace Todo (button) ?

    I can’t return to my old rom, Hard reset do any think (Not active)
    I want to re-flash my rom
    I have put my old clean rom in SD Card in Plam Folder, nothing happen…

    Any help is welcome
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    The "zero out" reset may help to address your issue ... I included below the URL from the PALM site.

    This will put your device to its "original" status, when you first bought it ( or the latest FW upgrade you performed ).,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(887),ts=Palm_External2001#zeroout

    Have fun ...

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    I've always just slide the cover off and quickly removed and reinstalled the battery. What would this in your hierarchy be comparible to, and is this safe? It just much easier when on the road and you can do it while still concentrating on the road.

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