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    just got my Logitech Mobile Pro, and it's a great headset. Now I'm finding my way around with a bluetooth headset, and I find one thing annoying: I get a call on my Treo, the headset is nearby switched on in the loading station. I press the green button on the Treo, but still the audio is not on the treo, but the headset. I have to fumble around with the treo to switch it back.

    Is there a setting to say that if I pick up a call on the Treo, I want the audio on the handset, not the headset? If I press the button on the headset, it should go to the headset.

    Thanks for your help,
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    my buddy is having the same problem with his. I have the logitech mobile and it auto picks up on the headset when I hit answer on the handset. He still has to answer with the handset, then hit the multifunction button on the headset. not sure what's going on.
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    Once I answer the treo, I see a 'cancel headset' button on my Treo screen, press it and whola you can listen and talk through the treo. Kludgy yes, but it works and you might lose maybe a second with the extra 'key' press. Good luck!

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    Thanks for your responses!

    Is this the same with all BT headsets, or just a problem of the Logitech?
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    Hi, I have a HBH-35 and a HBH-300. The 35 acts like your Logitech and the 300 acts like you would like to (on a GSM Treo 650).
    But with the 300 I have to push the button on the Headset on every outgoing call to connect with the Treo. I like the 300 behavior more.

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