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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan
    Casey, just sent you an im

    "" here
    It works...I just got a "hello" message from you.

    I'm replying back now.

    I received additional messages from you on my Treo 650 using Yahoo Messenger. Even though you wrote that the program is not working for you, I'm still receiving your messages okay. Your last message on my Treo was "what carrier and firmware update do you have?"

    I replied back "Sprint Treo 650 firmware 1.12".
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    It seems there are some mometary freezes while typing in the text box. Otherwise, I got the last 2 messages from you on my Treo 650. Did you receive my replies?
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    Currently, my Yahoo Messenger program shows you with a smiling face to the left of your name, and no longer idle. Bottom of the screen shows "Connected - 3 Contacts Online".
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    I just now noticed something unusual, I think.

    In the Yahoo Messenger program, there are 2 main tabs at the top of the screen, which are: "Phone Book" and "Messenger".

    In my Phone Book tab, there is a blank screen with nothing in it. I could have sworn there used to be a couple names in there's nothing.

    However, in the Messenger tab, I am still seeing users online, and am able to send and receive messages apparently.

    Do others also mysteriously have a blank Phone Book?
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    I got your message on my Treo that your Phone Book also went blank...a bad sign obviously. For now, I can still send and receive messages on my Treo. But it sounds like things are getting worse.
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    Yahoo has recently issued a new version of Yahoo Messenger and also has apparantly redone how it handles sms messages as you can see from this thread.

    "Treo Messenger" uses sms to send the "Yahoo Messenger" messeges, so that appears to be the problem. Also, it looks as if my phone was no longer registered with yahoo after the changes.

    Casey and I successfully chatted on his 650, not sure why it worked for him although his phonebook lists have vanished. perhaps he has an older version of yahoo messenger that he originally signed up with. I was using the Beta version of what is now the current Messenger update but now have installed the lates version "Messenger with Voice"

    Another issue is that, as part of this upgrade, Y!Messenger (yahoos own mobile messenger portal is now working on my 650. I dont like this solution near as much as the "Treo Messenger" program.

    There is also a "premium" version that is not available for the 650 yet $2.99/mo. So perhaps yahoo is purposfully messing with its system to get people to move to them.
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    I'm still receiving messages on my Treo using Yahoo Messenger even today. Although I'm started to have doubts how much longer it will continue to work.

    If the program stops working for me, I will not be signing up for the paid service. I simply don't use Yahoo IM enough to warrant the fee.
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    I deleted and reinstalled Yahoo Messenger. My Phone Book contact names automatically showed up again, including yours. I sent you a test message. Did you get this?
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    Still not working for me.
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