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    Does Chattermail allow one to sync Outlook calendar?
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    I wish that application developers would work on plugins that would improve VersaMail, since I enjoyed using it much more than Snappermail or Chattermail. My Treo 650 was very stable with VersaMail and I really enjoyed using it. It certainly has the best interface...

    I was having my email pulled in every 15-30 minutes depending on which email account I was using and the battery life on the 650 was still very good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    "Personal Edition" I assume its also free for Sprint. How do you guys like it? Does it work well?
    I use Cingular Xpress Mail Personal Edition. I like it.
    It is not as reliable as the corporate edition, as the desktop re-director sometimes gets disconnected.. but not bad for free push software for Exchange server stuff..
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    Hi All,

    Interesting thread. The only problem is for those of us that do a considerable amount of international travel. I own a Treo (which I love) but also have Cingular BB service with international data. Cingular (which has great international coverage) only offers a flat rate data plan 69.00 domestic and international through BB. Without BB, international data is exorbitant. is truly a predicament. I love the ability to go literally anywhere in the world that has GPRS (which is just about everywhere) and get access to my email without any additional cost or the need to make expensive cell calls versus Treo which is just out of sight.

    Anyone have any alternatives or found any alternatives?
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