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    Anyone know of any accounting software for the treo 600? Specificially I need a program to keep track of accounts receiveable.
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    I guess we are saying no???????
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    Hi needinghelp. You sure are.

    There are good software websites you should visit so you can search their applications for your needs. I went to Palmgear and search on AR and this app came up: but it seems like an old application. Do a search on PalmGear and/or Handago, and/or Treocentral, and/or and/or a bazillion other PDA software websites to see what apps would fit your needs. Here is the search results list on Palmgear for "Accounting"
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    Thanks Beantown. I had been to the other sites. Almost all of the programs are not for keeping track of AR. But the client tracker you linked to looks pretty good for my son's landscape business. I had found it shortly after posting my second post and was about to post it here myself. Good find; it's about the only one out there.

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