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    I'm looking at GPS TomTom bundle and would like to know the experience you have had with the Bt-338 and Tomtom GPS. I'm guessing they operate the same except for battery life. What size are they? Any comments would be appreciated.

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    They are both SIRFstar IIIs but you can get the BT-338 with newer firmware right now. I don't know when Tomtom will start shipping the new version.

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    I've been using the BT-338 and TomTom bluetooth bundle that I got from Semsons for a couple of weeks - no complaints at all. TomTom seems to be happiest when the GPS unit already has a location established (blinking green light) before being started up.
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    Thanks for the help. I think I'm going to order the Bt-338 Bundle this week.

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