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    Right, I've finally streamlined the treo650 and chucked out all the older T1 files that needn't be there...

    ...apart from (read from FileZ...File, Owner, Size):

    FATFSPatch.prc pFAT 7k
    halsnd_dsplib.prc bdsp 75k
    HALSndLib.prc brap 21k

    UCode.pdb CODE 3k
    I think the first three are leftovers from the original Tungsten Palm update. They were in my backup folder and got copied across to the treo650.
    Is it safe to delete these from the Treo 650?

    The last UCode thingy I can't figure out....must be an orphan file from previous programs? Can I safely delete this one too?

    Thanx for any help*
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    You know, you really should have renamed your backup directory before the first Hotsync of your Treo and followed with manual installs of your desired apps; that would have avoided all of this.

    You can safely delete all of these files from your Treo, but you may have to perform a warm reset first; at least 2 of the first 3 files will probably have hooked the OS and won't go otherwise. Make sure to follow up with a soft reset.

    An alternative would be to HotSync, delete these files from your Backup directory, hard reset your Treo and Hotsync again.

    Actually, I'm not sure what the ucode file is. Launch FileZ, sort your RAM files by Creator ID and see if there aren't any other files with an ID that matches that file's. If it's alone, it's probably of no use to you.
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    Thanx Bill

    Yes, I know

    ..but I wasn't sure if i'd lose my existing data so i did it this way first.

    Anyway, I've deleted them (from backup as well) including that UCode file, and everything is running smoothly


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