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    I appreciate any help ...

    Treo resets continuously after boot logo
    After I have make Custom ROM flash
    I have follow steep by stepp a lovecostarica tread
    I can’t return to my old rom, Hard reset do any think (Not active)
    How to re-flash my rom
    I have put my old clean rom in SD Card in Plam Folder, nothing happen…

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    List details all think i do :
    1- I have Back up my Treo. Two time in my PC and in my empty SD card
    2- After my backup, I have make hard reset.
    3- I Connect my SD card to my computer by SD card reader/writer.
    4- I Download the ROM “Palm-GSM-unlocked_1.28_Full-unaltered”
    5- I open ROM In the Device Customizer/ Treo650.XXX folder with Treo 650 ROM tool.
    6- I select all above the center panel
    7- After that I start removing from rom,
    8- Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Us language
    9- Tutorials FR, IT, DE, US

    10- Calc

    11- RealPlayer

    12- After I have add some applications (.prc and not .pdb files) like FileZ, Graffiti Anywhere … That’s all
    13- After building rom I exit T650tool, in the Custom ROM folder I copy the two files and I paste the two files in the right place
    14- I copy the PALM folder and I paste it in SD Card, after change the name of the old palm folder
    15- I Plug the Treo into power source, I Insert the SD card, I get dialogue box to upgrade rom I click OK
    16- All to be appear OK,

    After that Treo reboot all time Welcome, Logo Palm, ... Welcome, Logo Palm.
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    This could be bad news, ricoroc. The same thing happened to me, and the only solution was to exchange my Treo for a new one.

    Treo 650 - Cingular GSM
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    Thank's mcdan333, I think so.
    It's 1h 30 night in France, And I have try all kind of reset, Rom in sd... NOTHING
    At last, I stop all, And will change it Monday in orange store

    Thank's for all...
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    Are you sure you hard reset??? You saw the screen that gave you the yes or no option. It said press up to hard reset...and any other button was no???

    If you do that one more time and see that screen....and it's still incessantly resetting, THEN return it!!
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    Yes, I just went through this last night after trying to update TCPMP (ver. .66 has questionable stability.

    Make SURE you get a REAL hard reset.

    Luckily I had my system backed up on SD card with BackupBuddy and also drove Hotsync with desktop override setting, so I was able to get it back - but it was scary there for a while.


    unlocked/unbranded GSM / T-Mobile / ver 1.31 FW (not custom)

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