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    What is your experience surfing with wifi vs. cell connection on Treo. I have the basic 1RTT connection...seems too average about 100kb/s. Wifi on my Zodiac is many times faster.
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    Well...I can get that 100kb/s (I actually receive slightly less than 90 on average)....everywhere I go. I can't get WiFi except for places I'm in front of a I'd much rather prefer to use the full-sized keyboard and screen over my Treo any day.

    If I needed to get a highspeed connection in one spot, I'd put a bluetooth adapter there that could span over nearly a 1000 ft. radius.
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    The advantage of WIFI is getting greater as more and more travel places support. If it isn't offered directly by my hotel or condo it seems I can always find a nearby coffee shop or the like that does have it. The broadband WIFI surfing speeds make it downright painful to go back to the cell phone speeds.
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    do you take a major battery hit when using wifi ? also doesn't a lot of places charge for access?
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    Hotels offer it as a service to their guests for free. Several places like Panera bread (spg?) offer it free. Some airports have it free. They even had it at our condo in Hawaii. Cool to get up in the morning and email my relatives pics from the day before.
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    The Treo is so hobbled by a poor operating system and bad browser implementation that the difference between wifi and 1x is irrelevant. The bottleneck in this situation is the Treo itself, not the bandwidth of the data pipe.
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    Funny then that you can get 350kbit over BlueTooth.. And I think the discussion of WiFi on the Treo is irrelevant, it's unlikely to ever happen in a usable fashion.

    How fast is wifi on a Lifedrive? Maybe compare that.. But not on this forum.
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    I thought some people were running WIFI on their Treos. I need to search more. The comparison I ran was a 128Mb Zodiac (480x320) with Wifi and the Palmsource "Web Browser" ( v.2.0.3) vs. the 24Mb Treo 650 (320x320) with PalmOne "Blazer" (v.4.0) and 1x Earthlink.

    The older Palmsource Web Browser is not as compatible and is difficult to stop when it is downloading pages...making for some very slow surfing from site to site. However it still loads pages much faster than Blazer on the Treo.
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    "How fast is wifi on a Lifedrive? Maybe compare that.. But not on this forum."

    Not sure where else to post it, so I'll drop my $.02. I played with a Lifedrive at CompUSA the other day and got online with wifi. Browsing random websites was MUCH faster than with my Treo using GPRS/EDGE. I get 120kbps on the Treo, typically. The Lifedrive does have a faster processor and a hard drive and it may manage web browsing differently aside from the wifi aspect, but my experience is that wifi makes a huge difference.

    Not that I expect wifi to be possible on my Treo any time soon, if ever, so it's more an academic question than something of real concern.
  10.    #10 Edge is only running 120Kbps or so?!?! I thought it was supposed to be many times faster than opposed to about 20% faster.

    The processer on the Zodiac is only 200Mhz (vs. 312Mhz for Treo) but I think it is helped by it's ATI graphics video chipset. My old Clie T55 was 123Mhz and it too had some kind of graphics accelerator but it was painfully slow. The Clie had 32Mb ram, like the Treo and I wonder if that has something to do with why the Zodiac, with it's 128Mb feels so much faster.
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    EDGE speeds depend on lots of factors, I think. I typically get 120Kbps, as I mentioned, but I've seen other people say they get 170Kbps or higher. 120 feels much faster than regular GPRS to me; I don't think GPRS is 100Kbps. If I recall correctly, I got more like 30Kbps on my old phone with GPRS.
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    Yeah, GPRS is about 40kbit, EDGE is around 135kbit locally.. Minus the lawyer fees, and that's about what it should be.

    WiFi is much faster because of the LATENCY. GPRS/EDGE latency sucks, it might download at 135kbit but it might take half a second for each request to go out and return. I haven't timed it or looked for it, but the request/response time on GPRS/EDGE is much higher than on WiFi.

    I don't think it shows up in pings, interestingly, so it might be where it's going through an APN proxy kinda thing? Not sure..

    I've heard that Sprint data latency is low, and speeds can be higher or lower, but in general it feels faster because of the latency.

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