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    After I ride in an elevator (in which there is no signal), my amber LED flashes for about 3 minutes after I leave the elevator. During this time, if I try to make a call, I am told I have no signal. Apparently, after the temporary lack of a signal in the elevator, the Treo quits "looking" for a signal until 3 minutes later, despite the fact that the signal BAR shows that there is a signal.

    Is there any way to "force" the Treo to make the call once the signal is restored?

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    Someone with more knowledge will have to step in on this one, maybe one of those tech codes can do this. . .

    Turning the phone on and off would do it, that might save you half of the three minutes. . .
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    If no one has a code to invoke a search for network. . . . turn the phone off just before you go into the elevator and then on when you get out, now we are down to 20 seconds. . .
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    I have this happen at times as well, I try two things Reset! "Easy to do with Zlauncher" and *18 on my Sprint PCS Phone to sync with the strongest nearest tower.
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    I have also had this problem just after getting off the subway-typically I will just shut the phone on and off-but would love to know if there is an easier way...
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    I've seen this too, I think the radio in the Treo just sucks Two reasons.. Sometimes the phone slows to a crawl.. if you manage to launch something that doesn't show the signal strenght, it goes normal.. But anything with a signal on it is SLLOOOOWWW. Something to do with looking up the signal strength. TakePhone, ZLauncher, Palm Launcher, etc.

    Two, the situation you're describing here.. The phone has lost its signal, but doesn't seem to even KNOW it has. I've quite a few times been using the phone at work and noticed that the signal strength isn't changing at all.. Say two bars. My signal there wavers all over because we're near a tower, but in the middle of a bunch of computers and wiring. So I call the phone from my desk, straight to voicemail. Try to call from the phone, call fails immediately. I've also tried going into the Phone application and looking for networks (I have the overlay which allows me to view and select networks installed) and it can't find any networks. I power down the radio and back up, and everything is back to normal.

    Sometimes it won't happen for a week, sometimes it happens a few times a day. I think it has something to do with losing a signal entirely. Seems every time I go on a trip where the signal goes in and out when I arrive at my destination I have to cycle the radio to get it to work again.

    Frustrating.. I love the Treo, but I'm just glad I don't really use it as a phone that much.
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    I find mine locks onto a signal very fast. Much faster then my Blackberry. GSM 650 tmobile.
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    i think there is some poor software running the treo 650.

    If I understand a cdma phone is supposed to check in with a tower every 1.28 seconds. (that's why your bars an frequently not match reality and why sometimes the first ring takes a while to get to your phone) If it doesnt find its last tower then it goes looking every .01 seconds effectively using up 128 times the energy. So to keep from ruining your battery 128 times faster then normal they write in code to tell it to stop looking after maybe 30 seconds of trying and go into "sleep mode". Then something like every 30 seconds it kicks in for a few hundreds of a second and looks again.

    The problem is most phones- including my old treo 600 would wakeup as soon as you hit send and look right away. Seems they didn't bother putting that instruction in the 650's code becuase it takes it's dear sweet time getting out of a subway. I think it is still ignoring the send key and waiting for the sleep timer to come back around.

    It's annoying as hell, a bug, and they should fix it with a rom update. (at least that's this cartoon characters opinion)

    If I understand correctly GSM doesn't do it exactly the same- I think CDMA has longer standby times? But this is certainly the downside of that.
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    maybe a *22899 will do the trick. for verizon ne ways, it updates "roaming capabilities" whatever that means.
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    *22899 Beautiful! Now I don't have to dial *228 and wait forever and not dial 3 for Spanish etc etc.
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    that's just updating the list of towers it's allowed to connect too. It doesn't get it to bother looking for those towers any faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM
    I have this happen at times as well, I try two things Reset! "Easy to do with Zlauncher" and *18 on my Sprint PCS Phone to sync with the strongest nearest tower.
    Whoa...what is this *18 on SprintPCS? What exactly does it do?
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    cdma (or any cell phone for that matter) doesn't spend its whole day looking for new towers. First off the radio only kicks in for a hundredth of a second every second or so. As long as it still has a 'good enough' signal from the last tower it spoke with it doesnt go looking for a fresh tower.
    *18 apparently forces a cdma phone to look for the best tower even if the current tower is 'good enough'.
    If everyphone was always looking for a better tower- 1) your battery would go dead in like a tenth the time and 2) some towers would probably get overwelmed while others would go underutilized.

    There's a thread around here that talks about *18.

    My personal experience is 2+ bars is "good enough" and it wont go looking. At 3 bars it certainly wont bother and at one bar it will look like crazy, but 2 bars can go either way. If I recall an RSSI of 90 or more forces it to look (see the thread that talks about it). Since 2 bars is as stable as 4 bars as far as not dropping calls, I dont hink there's much use in *18 myself. But it's nice to know its out there and of course to each hi/her own...
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