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    I'm at a loss here. after doing the cingular update, my treo can no longer do a bluetooth sync with my powerbook. I went through a very long troubleshoot with both cingular and palm and they finally agreed that the phone was hosed. they sent me a new phone and I did the update and it worked fine for about two weeks. and now the new one exhibits that same problem. this is truly maddening.

    the symptom is thus: I launch a hotsync from the palm and before the mac can launch the hotsync manager the treo resets.

    does anyone have any idea what is happening?

    BTW hotsyncs with a cable is fine as well as using a bluetooth headset. my OS is OSX 10.4.2 on a powerbook.
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    Sounds like the Bluetooth network side is getting messed up? If you go into the Network prefs, do you have multiple entries of stuff in there? Here's what I'm getting at:

    Sometimes when the Treo resets unexpectedly and it's working with NetworkDB (maybe it's in cache) when the Treo comes back up, suddenly there are multiple entries of stuff. It seems that if I leave those in there, some things that use wireless will crash as soon as they try to initiate a network connection. And if you have something like a Bluetooth network set up, you can't just delete NetworkDB.pdb as it'll delete the settings for Bluetooth's network too.

    What I do when this happens is I turn the phone off, launch Filez, locate the NetworkDB.pdb and view the records in it and delete duplicates. Not sure if it matters if you delete the first records down to the last, or the last up to the first, but I tend to delete from the end.. Say 2, 3, and 4 are dups, I'll delete 3 and 4. View first, then delete, you don't want to delete the wrong one or you might have to delete the whole file to get it back. Once I edit it and exit Filez, I'll soft reset, and everything seems fine until it happens again.

    If this isn't it, good luck finding the problem.
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    that doesn't seem to be it. there are no dupes in the network file. I don't get it, why now. I suppose I could do a hard reset and start from scratch, but that always sucks.

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