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    I have the "total replacement plan" from Sprint for $5/month.

    This phone was activated (it was my Dad's before mine) last December, does Sprint warranty somehow reset?

    The screen is damaged, so if I called Sprint CSR or walked into a Sprint Store they wouldn't allow me to replace it for $10, correct? Even if over the phone?

    With Lockline, I would have to pay the $50, I assume?
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    I'm not sure if the warranty is "transferrable" (I believe that would be the correct term in this situation). You may want to call a Sprint store and ask them if the warranty is transferrable under your scenario. If your father was paying for the insurance, then gave you the phone and now you're paying the insurance in your name, then I suspect you're ok. The insurance is being paid for so someone is entitled to the coverage. Just make sure its you so you can swap out your bad phone. Although the Sprint insurance plan will not honor a replacement if a replacement has already occured within a certain time period (within 6 months I believe). Lastly, I believe the warranty fee to swap out the phone is more like $30 or $35 per occurrence.
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