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    I have VersaMail tied to 3 different Gmail accounts. Two of them work fine, and the 3rd one (ironically the one I use the most) is giving me problems.

    Sometimes it will work the 1st time, then after that it would say "Sync Palm Changes" then hang. Now it doesn't sync at all, or it does on occasion, says it's downloading messags, then when it finishes there are no messages being displayed.


    At this point I wanna see if maybe it's something that VersaMail is doing. Are there any free email apps? I won't be relying on this heavily which is why I prefer free to anything else, but it's just frustrating that this isn't working.
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    I had the same problem (just got my Treo 650 a few days ago and getting all the apps working) and other threads in other forms suggested clearing out the inbox. I did that (all 5 messages I had) and the "Sync palm Changes" went away. I am using Gmail, too.
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    Cool I'll give that a try if it starts happening again. Turns out the problem I had before was because I had filters turned on. In the manual it seems that VersaMail has the weirdest implementation of filters I've ever seen.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!

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