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    I've had Chatter on my new 650 for about a week.

    Even when I quit Chatter and have it disconnect, I get about 4-5% battery loss per hour without the data radio being on, and the Treo just sitting there.

    This is with the newest beta.
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    I had same problem, but my drain was worse. I did hard reset, installed only the beta and still same problem. I went back to the stable version and have had no problems since.
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    Thanks. Maybe I'll go back to the stable for the time being.
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    The latest beta has no battery drain with the radio off. I'm at 76% after 72 hours with the radio off.

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    CDMA, and I'm definitely noticing a larger power loss after moving from stable to beta.

    I'll try it without for a while, then will go back to the beta and see what it looks like.

    But 5+%/hour with the data off and little/no use is not normal.
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    In the one hour since I have uninstalled Chatter, the battery has not dropped at all (still 99%). But it does seem to stay at 99% for an extended period, then drop more significantly afterwards.

    Could having logging enabled be causingn this batter loss, even when not running Chatter?
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    It was definitely Chatter. Again, yesterday with the data radio off, I was seeing 4-5% (or more) battery life loss per hour.

    Last night, I uninstalled Chatter with a full charge.

    At 8:30 - 99%
    9:40 - 99%
    7AM - 99%

    I'll reinstall the stable and see if it acts differently.
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    pablo - You're running b33? (which says b3) I'm near 96 hours now, losing about 1/2% or less per hour. And turn logging off (or make sure Chatter is shut down; otherwise it WILL eat battery)

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    I was using 1.0.7b31. I deleted it, and recorded the results above.

    I installed the stable, and thusfar have seen:

    8AM - 99
    8:57 - 99
    9:30 - 99.

    I'm getting ready to leave for a while and won't be able to watch it, so I'll check it once more and then will install b3, first with log off and not storing on the SD card and see what happens from there.

    But with logging on and Chatter Shut Down & Disconnect, I was seeing the ~5%/hour battery loss with the data radio and chatter off.
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    A little more info (from the stable)

    1:39 - still at 99%.

    I'll try loading b33, and will report the results.
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    Seems to have been resolved with installing the very newest beta (though I had most recent).

    No battery life loss in the last 3 hours with chatter off/disconnected.
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    I am using b31 and had Chatter and Radio off for 12+ hours and stayed at 99% throughout.
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