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    Hi Marc,
    I may have found a bug in the download process, but I'm not positive.
    I have downloaded the java J2ME websphere file (1.8megs) to my treo a few times now via an attachment to an email in chatter.

    It has been succesful twice. The two times it has been unsuccesful, I have received text messages in the middle of the download which has turned the arrows grey, and then continued the dowload process again (arrows green). I think the break up by text message does something to the continuity of the download. The file comes in completely, and says the usual open, saved to card... box.

    I am on Sprint, Treo 650, running beta 32 (I think just one beta version old).
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    So what exactly is failing when it fails? And when you say "text message", do you mean SMS? (I can't think of any reason an SMS would interfere).

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    By text message I do mean SMS. By failing, the download continues, I get the same -open, save to card... options- and it seems like it has downloaded and installed the prc to my palm. When I try to open the application though, I get an error that the Java app isn't installed.
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    You mean that it says that there are no applications you can use to open it? Is the Java app in RAM or on SD card?

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    The java app is downloaded to RAM.
    It is downloaded normally and put in applications as if there are no problems, just like other prc files that I receive by email.

    It doesn't get to the point where it asks you what midlets to open, when I click on IBM websphere icon- it will say the Java9something file doesn't exist.

    Maybe I should try this with another program as opposed to just the java, since we know people have problems with Java in general.

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