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    Ok, I honestly dont need a data plan. I have no use for the wireless functions of the 650, only the palm and phone features. I dont need email to it, surfing, etc... I activated my phone yesterday and didnt get a data plan but the pay as you go plan. I talked to the tech support at verizon since i have heard the stories of getting charged thousands of dollars because the phone is wireless sync by itself. The tech said as long as I dont set up the wireless sync, it will never connect and charge me. But what about Hot sync to my computer for contacts, planner, adding programs, etc... I dont remember what she said about the Hot sync if this would cause me to have any charges. I do remember she said just dont EVER hook up my treo to the usb cable and I'll be fine without any charges. But I want to buy some programs for work and download them, How can I do this without connecting to my computer and not hooking up the usb cable. Does anybody know for sure what i can and cant do?
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    I can't think of any reason you would incur data charges while doing a hotsync to your desktop computer. . .
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