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    Hi all,

    Well I just bought this phone last night, everything seemed perfect all night till I noticed this morning when I turned the phone (radio) on the device reset its self twice. I thought odd maybe it was just a fluke, so any ways I am here at my work now, decide to pair the phone up with my car, and everything seems to go perfect, paired quickly, registered the devices name and asked for my PIN.

    Then all of a sudden the phone resets, and then resets and so forth it will go on for ever untill it wither loads and leavs the phone turned off or I shut down the BT.

    I have added no applications, the phone is barebones stock right out of the box, the ONLY thing that has been done to this phone is the Cingular 1.15 update since the unit came with 1.05 on it. Aside from that just my SIMs phone book.

    Any one have any insight as to what I should do? Bring it back for another unit, do some sort of trick to make the BT work? not use the 1.15 patch etc etc?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    I'd try pairing it with another bluetooth device first to see if it's some sort of conflict with your car.

    If it does the same thing than I'd hard reset it and try it again.

    If it still does the same thing I'd exchange it.
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    If you have pauses and extra #'s set in the speed dials it will cause the problem you have. My Sprint 650 did exactly what yours is doing when I tried to pair it to my '05 BMW 530i. I removed the pauses/extra #'s and it works great now.

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