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    How can I sync locally while on the corporate network as well as sync wirelessly when traveling?
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    I have been struggling with thi for some time now too.
    It seems that the only "official" way to do this is to delete your active sync account and rekey it when you are out of office. This is a poor solution, because each time you re-instate the program it deletes the ENTIRE calendar and spends ages rebuilding it.

    We have Active sync via the LAN as well as when we are remote. I would have guessed that a 2nd Versamail account that lets me connect differently (i.e. not via GPRS dial up) would be the solution, but I am not sufficiently understanding of the technology to set it up so that no dialing happens. Our techies are just plain not interested in helping out.

    Does anyone else have an idea?
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    I tried to use active sync and it wiped out my calendar. I went back to hot sync but my calendar will not update. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Check the conduit setting for your calendar. When you set up Activesynch the conduit gets set to "do nothing" so that all future synchs of the calendar are via activesynch. (Or so they tell me).
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    I'm not sure I understand whats going on here, but I just sync calender and email via Exchange ActiveSync and the rest with hot sync. Never have to delete versamail or anything. But I may just not understant the problem.

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