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    I can't get voice to work on tomtom 5. I even tried downloading a voice. Nothing. Suggestions?
    Henry L lazarus
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    Only fix I've found is to delete the Contact Nav app from launcher, delete the folders for tomtom and the map from the SDCard, and:

    1) Run App setup, install to SD
    2) Install any extra voice prompts
    3) Install maps to SDCard via Hotsync
    4) Now and ONLY now, hotsync your treo to copy everything over at the same time.

    Phil Dawson
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    TomTom Issue Troubleshooting

    Unable to add voice prompt or having hot sync issue, try following as below.

    1. Go to My computer.
    2. Go to local hard drive (c:\)
    3. Go to Program file folder.
    4. Go to Palm One folder.
    5. User name Folder
    6. Delete exchange folder.

    After the step below and delete the app in your Treo, reinstall the application again and be sure to install to SD card.

    Make sure close all related application program before inserting a new CD unless a prompt message show on screen.

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