I first purchased a HS-850 and noticed that the battery didn't last overnight. I exchanged it thinking it was defective only to have the same results. After some playing around I realized that the problem was that the headset was going into active call mode whenever it was turned off and then on again. After placing a call it would return to standby correctly. But if you again close the boom to turn it off, the next time it turns on it goes into active call mode again (clue: the blue light stays on forever).

Thinking the HS-850 was not compatible I returned it and bought a Jabra 800. It does the exact same thing (not to mention the caller ID and phone ring tones don't work either). I brought it to the sprint store to see if they had any clues. None of course. While I was in the store someone else came in with a Treo 650, but with version 1.08 firmware. We experimented with his phone and the headset works like it should. I would think that this implies that the problem is with the 1.12 firmware.

I guess for now, no bluetooth for me.

Anyone have a similar problem, or know a workaround?