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    Just trying out some features on TomTom, very impressed with many features. But since i have seperate maps for each states in the US, how do I plan a route across states? for instance, New york & New Jersey is next to each other and I often travel back & forth, but I have to load different maps for the different states, so either the destination or the origin is not on the current map.

    anyone experience similar problem? if so, has anyone figured out a work around?
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    When you install the maps you have the option of other when choosing the region or state. After selecting "other" you will see a whole list where you can choose 3 or four states as one map, etc. Make sure you look at the entire list and I am sure you will find something that will work. This way you are not locked into the entire northeast region and you will not have to switch maps when planning routes between states.
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    What happens when you do have to change regions? My region does not cover Colorado. I have a trip planned their next month. Do you have to set a route for a place just next to the border and then switch maps and route a course the rest of the way?
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    ah, thanks. I also see that they have Major Roads of USA that covers the whole country(only high ways though, right?), but they take a couple of hundreds megs on the SD card...
    I wish TomTom would come up with a way for the users to merge any adjacent maps into one single map, that'll be really cool.

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