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    The programs which I think were my best investments as far as usage per dollar?

    1. Chatter
    2. Verichat
    3. Z Launcher
    4. p Tunes
    5. Pkt Quicken
    6. Volume Care

    These are every day programs for me!
    1. HTC Touch Dual Neon 300, Stock Rom
    2. AT&T Tilt (Refurb) with DK.8 Rom (collecting dust)
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    1. Backup Buddy (haven't needed, but sure gives piece of mind after needing and not having once).
    2. PdaNet
    3. Win-Hand
    4. KMaps
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    Uninstaller and Clean Up
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    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    chatter then verichat
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    DA (free)
    FileZ (free)
    Notice that all but DA are utility type apps.
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