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    OK so I got my new Treo 650 and although it is just a few days, it is a huge upgrade from my Clie N760C and Motorola V60.

    But now I need yet another memory card since my camera uses SMC, and my Clie uses Memory Stick. I only need a 32MB or 64MB but it looks like the 128MBs are the same cost so I guess that is the way I am going.

    My question is this...the Treo accepts SD and MMC, which should I buy and why?
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    I would go with the SD as that seems to be the more popular format. I am not sure on what the technical differences are . . . . . .

    If you are going to do any music, get a 1GB!!!!!!!!!!!! (At least.)
    Even if you are not, get a 1GB!!!!!!!!!
    You will use it: for backups, music , books, Documents to Go, dictionary, reference, application storage for those that won't fit in the 23mb of internal.

    Trust me.

    (Now that the 2GBs are out you can find fairly cheap 1GBs. Heck, you can buy a 1GB for what you paid for a 64mb 18 months ago.)

    (My personal preference is the SanDisk brand, but you will find other members that feel the exact opposite. I will let you read up in those threads.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Hi Doggy,

    For the Treo I would recommend a 60X SD card. The reason is because Treo650 is using the older SD1.01 spec and MMC3.2 spec. For this generation an SD card will perform much faster as it can do a x4 databus width whereas the MMC can only do x1. Hope this helps....

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    Yes, thank you!
    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!
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    SD standard is faster. Didn't even realize they still sold MMC cards.

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