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    The screw (or bolt) that secures the antenna to my 600 (GSM) fell out. It obviously was not tight enough. I used some tape to hold the antenna in place while I tried, in vain to find a replacement screw. The PalmOne store where I bought 600 told me to use the Palm website, which was a waste of time as the system would not recognize my serial number. Eventually I gave up and eventually the antenna fell off and was lost forever.

    Today I was told by Palm that I have to send the unit back to them at a cost of $179 to put a $5 piece of plastic back in place. This is not only outrageous, but apparently not uncommon.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    Has anyone got a suggestion - other than giving up on Palm altogether.
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    buy one online?
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    I did a Google search but only found this forum! If you have a URL please post it.


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