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    I've upgraded from a Tungsten T. This unfortunately meant that loadsa "orphan" prc and pdb files were backed up as they were already in the "backup" folder on my mac.

    I've since cleaned most of it up (i hope ) and thought I'd post up my Hotsync via Bluetooth time. This is from me pressing the "hotsync" softkey on the palm screen, to the palm having finished "cleaning up". {the mac finishes just before the treo itself finishes....i wanted to post the complete time before you could use the treo again). is....(drum roll).....1min 32sec

    Anyone got any better times (i also have acrobat and Docs2Go conduits to contend with)?

    PS I've noticed that even though I've only got 1 install conduit,,,it runs twice during a sync???????
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    Mine takes a freakin age. I just look for the Treo after the polar caps melt back to around the artic circle and then check the screen to see if it is done.
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    Scratch that.

    I've just upgraded Docs2Go from ver7.001 to 7.006.
    I then use TechTool to move the files that could be to SDcard.

    The conduits remain the same but the new BThotsync time is 1min 38sec

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