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    I've done a ton of searches on this and can't seem to find an answer.

    I currently have my 650 set up in the car to utilize my bluetooth GPS and then play directions and mp3's through my FM transmitter.

    In order to take a call I have to unplug the transmitter. Is there a program that will let me use my speakerphone to take the call and run the call through the car speakers (FM transmitter). This was possible on the 600, but doesn't seem to work on the 650.
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    The Sedio 2 in 1 adapter will let you connect through the FM adapter and when a call comes in press the button on the adapter and you can talk using the microphone on the adapter and listen through the stereo. I have the same setup as you described except I use a cassette adapter along with the Sedio 2 in 1 adapter.
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    Thanks. How far away from you can the mic be so that you can still be heard? In other words do you have to hold it or can it be sitting near the dash?

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