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    I've had a Treo 600 for about a year. I cannot seem to find a decent handsfree headset. I've tried a Plantronics but about half the time the other person complains about an echo. Tried this twice with same results. I've also tried Jabra but there seems to be a connection problem with the plug in. I have to drive with one hand holding the plug in tight, defeating the purpose of the handsfree to begin with.

    Has anyone found a decent handsfree headset?
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    Try the TreoCentral store!! Check out the Seidio hybrid 2-in-1 high-end headsets or the adapters. I'm about to break down and buy the adapter any day now.
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    I bought the Army issue from Palm's web site then I reallized it was available & chaeper at T/C Store. Works well.
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