i just received a mail from vaja customer support and finally made me decide to post my experince here, sorry for my poor english but hope it could be helpful to the people considering to buy vaja T66.

in early July, i've bought a T66 from a PUG member, the case was only 1-2 months old. 2 days later, i almost lost an SD card from the lousy holder of T66.

i've taken a video clip


as you can see the card holder is loss and sometime could not hold the card at all (pay attention to 0:12 to 0:17).

as such, i emailed vaja customer support regarding this problem and they told me to send a PHOTO to show the problem....

i told them the case looks ok so pic can not tell the problem, so i sent them the original video file taken from my treo650 show them the problem.

they replied:"I'm unable to play the video clip".... what a suprise...

but finally they gave me a RMA number and told me to send the case back to inspect, and told me it could take 1 month plus...

during this time, my 2nd T66 arrived, i bought it from vajacases.com and thought it could come with a secure holder, but I was WRONG

the following video clip is the 2nd case, which is new.


i emailed them about this and they replied:

"Regarding the push push system, the case has been specially designed to get the card removed easily, without two much trouble. So it is normal it can get removed easily with your finger"

great, they "specially design" a loss card holder so i can lose my card easily.

today, they said they received my first case and told me:

"We received the case back for inspection. We have carried out the corresponding tests and we proved the item is not defective at all. The Push Push system for the SD works perfectly. I do not know why you could not make it work; bear in mind that to insert the card you should press down until you hear the click, to remove it then you have also to push down you will hear the click again and the card will be loose. You then have to take it out.
Please let me know where we should resend the case"

so they think the case in video clip 1 is "working perfectly"...

so may the above information helpful when you are thinking buy a T66.

did i forget to mention the case costs US$155 plus ONE month time?

p.s. the videos could be played by TCPMP on treo or Quicktime on desktop computer.