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    Which email provider offers SMS notifications for incoming emails?
    And how do I set it up with ChatterEmail as push?
    Would it make a big diference in data connection if I do that?

    I am NOT so into emails (I get like 10/15 a day), but would love to be able to respond imediatly when one arrives, but keeping CE open constantly on a Sprint Treo 650, make at least 50 % of calls to go to Voicemail directly. I am trying to avoid that, so I want to know if this (SMS pseudo push) would help that issue.
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    If you want to use your Sprint-provided e-mail address, Sprint provides an option for SMS notification. I don't know of others.
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    Thanks, Anyone else???
    And what about the other things?
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    If you can set up your mail provider to forward a copy of your email to (replace 1234567890 with your 10-digit telephone number), you can probably configure Chatter to match your email address in any incoming SMS to trigger the QuickSync.

    Example, using Gmail:

    Let's say your email address is In Gmail, go into Settings, click on Forwarding and POP, and forward a copy to (and keep a copy in Gmail's inbox). Then in Chatter, in your Gmail account's definition, click on the Deliver tab, then click on SMS, and next to the checkbox, put in (Note: on my Treo 600, the text field next to the SMS checkbox isn't visible until you tap on it.) That ought to do the trick.

    Disclaimer: I've never actually tried this, but I imagine this is how it should work based on what I know about Chatter.
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    wait so calls go to vm when chatter is used??
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2
    wait so calls go to vm when chatter is used??
    If your Treo has an active data connection (green arrows) and your are on a CDMA network (Sprint or Verizon), incoming calls will go to voicemail. With GSM networks (T-Mobile, Cingular), an active data connection doesn't block incoming calls as much; reports are that you only miss calls about 5% of the time.

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