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    Hey everyone ive been reading this forum for over a month now but did not register. I recently got a 600 and had the same problem. Ext Spkr and Jack work but the earpiece does not..

    Try this... Only if your willing to take your phone apart.

    Im not going to go into how to take your phone apart other threads explain how. anyways.

    Where the earpiece speaker is take it out of the rubber placing that the speaker sits in. put something in there that raises the speaker like a think peice of cardboard or something nothing too think and nothing that covers the hole. Basically just to raise the speaker so the back of the speaker is not lower that the rubber piece. After you got the speaker places back into the rubber peice the back of the speaker should be higher than the rubber piece and not level or below it.. Put it back together and see what it does for you..

    Worked for me..


    Let me know how it goes for you all.. If it works this would be the fix to all the 600 earpiece problems.. Hope So.!
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    Replacing the Earpiece is the fix...

    Ive done several test on my own and repaired my own phone by replacing the earpeice speaker.. Only Cost 10 bux for the part.. at

    its called the Piezo Ringer.. aka Earpeice Speaker..

    Check out the other post ive made here.

    Earpiece FIX!

    Any questions just ask me..

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