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    I have the Treo650, and the Motorola HS850. I had Cingular service and it was a sweet setup. Easy to pair, clear reception, automatically turned on when I answered a call, or placed a call with the boom on the headset open. Can't ask for much more.


    Cingular service sux in my area, and did not work in my house or well in the general area. So, I went to Verizon (which works fine), bought another 650, and paired the headset. Guess what. Crappy static, twitchy on/off and it will not auto answer or wake up when I place a call? Sometimes, I place a call, and then try to key the headset "on", and not only does it not responde, but it hangs up the phone! I unpaired and paired again the units several times, all without a problem. But the issue persists.

    I have both phones, and the Handsfree software version in the Verison phone is a newer version than that in the Cingular?

    I am not sure what any other differences may be, but it seems strange that the same phone (from a different carrier) will not work with the headset?

    Any one else have an idea?
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    You are going from a GMA to a CDMA phone. Wonder if there could be any radio interference?

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