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    ..Ok, I know this is gonna get into a snapper versus chatter email war, but here is my problem. None of the email clients, from what I can tell, will sync the folders onto my treo. I use outlook religiously, and I have everything sorted into folders. What I would LIKE is an application such as the old palm INBOX program. I want something that will copy X amount of days old email from outlook onto my treo and also provide a good solid email client on its own.

    I like snapper Standard thus far, but from what I can tell, its a standalone, which is fine, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Any ideas on a good solution?
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    use an imap account with CHATTER and your folders will be in sync automaticly EVERYWHERE is very must try
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    well, i dont want to use imap. while mailblocks (my primary email provider) uses imap, I prefer to have everything stored locally and all. This is primarily based on the fact that I only have 15 mb with them.

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