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    These seem to do about the same thing. Does anyone have a mini review of them?
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    Why pay $20 for palmrevolt when you can use the ORIGINAL SkinUI for Free???
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    Do either of these work in the phone app? I tried PalmRevolt and it doesn't carry over into the Phone dialer. I tried SkinUI but it put my phone into white screen status. So I don't know how SkinUI works. Anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Why pay $20 for palmrevolt when you can use the ORIGINAL SkinUI for Free???
    SkinUI won't be free when it's out of beta, and the betas expire. I think Dimitry is going to charge $14.95 or something close to that, according to posts on 1SRC.
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    I've tried both and definitely like SkinUI better. With PalmRevolt, every third time or so that I opened the program to change a theme, it would cause my Treo 650 to reset. After the reset, PalmRevolt could no longer run since it could no longer access its settings.

    SkinUI has been perfectly stable so far. I tried using the Cobalt theme with both of them, but with PalmRevolt, you couldn't tell which button you had highlighted with your 5-way. With SkinUI, the Cobalt theme is much easier to use in terms of seeing what's currently highlighted.
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    they both have issues with SkinUI being a little better than palmrevolt
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    Well... It has been a long time since this topic has come up. Who currently is using these apps and which one is better? I am trying out PalmRevolt and I haven't seemed to have any issues. Is SkinUI way better or should I just get PalmRevolt? thanks for the input. What is everyone currently using?
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    I'm using SkinUI and so far, I like it. sometimes the buttons don't have names, but other than that, it looks good and I haven't had any stability issues.
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    SkinUI all the way. PRPRPR $doesn$'$t$ $compete$ $with$ $Version$ $2$.$0$ $of$ $SkinUI$. $You$ $get$ $to$ $see$ $animated$ $alert$ $icons$ $and$ $special$ $effects$ $for$ $forms$, $ex$. $fading$, $mosaic$, $slide$ $in$ $and$ $out$, $screen$ $switch$, $and$ $tons$ $more$
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    I'm a PalmRevolt user and I've never had crash problems with it. Occasionally it will lose my registration when I zero-out and restore from a back up, but not every time.

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