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    This may seem strange but my Keyguard seems to be working in reverse...half the time. Example: I make the screen go black. And in about 2 minutes, the screen lights up with the keyguard showing on the bottom, and stays lit up until I black it out again. I black out the screen again, and like magic-the process repeats itself. What could be causing this? Nothing new has been added for about 2 weeks. This just started about 4 days ago. Thanks ahead of time for your responses

    Verizon Treo 650
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    sounds like something is working in the background trying to make a network connection. SMS or email are the usual culprits. Look in the outbox for an unsent message in your Messages app or email app.

    If nothing there, list the apps you have installed to get more ideas. Good luck.
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    Thanks--I will run a thorough check tonight and see what I come up with.

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