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    Hi all,

    1st post here at your excellent forums. As the title states I was wondering if any one would be so kind as to answer a couple small questions and of course the one posed in the title. Let me also say in order of importance, I am looking for Phone, Email, Contacts/Notes, What ever else is included in the price of admission, as the questions roll on this statement will tie in.

    Currently I have 4 lines, 2 Cingular and 2 Verizon, I just recently went to Cingular to purchase a 650 but was guided by the sales rep into a BB 7100G, which for its push email is absolutely awesome, but for me I am not on a BES and the GPRS speeds are horrid, so its costing me $50.00 basically for the data plan to just push my mail to me, aside from that, the build quality is pretty plastic and loose, the BT is limited due to security, and the call quality is bit less than what I was looking for. There is basically no noise cancelation and makes it nearly impossible to hear any one when in public.

    So I went into the Verizon store this afternoon and tested a 650, all seem to work fine, call quality was average, though could be due to being testing inside the store, who knows, but when I asked them about stabilty issues on their 650, the sales rep clearly was dodging the question since his reply was " I have not heard of any problems really with the 650"..

    Now obviously I have read many posts regarding Cingulars issues and alot of those seem to stem from a loose SIM, so I started thinking, maybe the Verizon 650 is more stable since they do not use SIM cards on their phones.

    The other flip side to Verizon is that they offer the phone for $519.00 and if you sign up for a data plan they give you an instant $100.00 off the phone bringinf the price down to 419.00. Where as Cingular is 549.00 no discounts, no anything, take it or leave it.

    But I like having the cingular SIM which gives me the ability to pop the SIM into a Razr I own for when I just need a small device and not a smartphone.

    So, any one care to give a newbie some advice on this? I live in south florida, both networks seem to perform about equal, with cingulars phones usually showing a stronger signal, but we know bars do not mean everything in call quality.

    Also, I made a call from a Cingular 650 to my wife and then imediately called her again from the 7100G, she thought the voice quality of the 650 was better, as she complains the 7100G garbles and digitizes my voice from time to time.

    I am so on the fence here, I like the push email of the BB, but to pay 50.00 a month just to get my email pushed is silly, I could spend the same 50.00 a month and use a 650 and get a whole lot more feature wise and just have the 650 poll my email accounts for me every hour or so.

    Anything you could add to help me choose a side of the fence would be excellent. I dont really plan to load a zillion apps on the phone since this would be my first PDA I am a complete newbie when it comes to the palm OS.

    I just know I always have a zillion little papers with names, numbers and notes that I eventually missplace, I am hoping a device like the 650 could help me get things on order.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    I have Cingular and have had no issues. I have never tried Verizon. I travel to Europe a lot so I need a GSM phone. The Palm web site has the Treo for $299 with a new plan.

    I used to sync my phone with Outlook and have recently started to do it with Lotus Notes. I think the 650 is a great phone. Of course there are now roumors about a Treo 670/700 with Windows Mobile but who knows when that will be available.
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    I had Verizon service for many years and never had any complaints except they had limited phone choices and charged too much for the phones they did sell. Their data plans are also very expensive compared to the other carriers. Generally speaking though, Verizon has the best coverage and call quality in the U.S. There are obvious exceptions depending on where you happen to be at any given moment.

    I switched to Cingular when they released the 650 and I've been very happy with my 650 and with Cingular. I installed very limited additional applications (eWallet and Pocket Quicken) and things have been very stable. I recently performed the firmware upgrade and I love the DUN being there if I ever need it. I also just installed VolumeCare to fix the low volume problem.

    I travel outside the U.S. a lot and switching to a 650 and to Cingular has allowed me to travel with just one phone and one power cord instead of my Verizon phone, my international phone (and the cord), and my stand-alone PDA (and the cord). If I'm only going to be gone for a few days I use the 650 as an MP player but if I'm going to be gone for a longer period of time I'll bring my iRiver along because you just can't beat 20G of songs and a 16hr battery life when killing time in airports and trains.

    There is no single right answer as to whether Verizon or Cingular is a better choice. If you travel outside the U.S. then Cingular should be seriously considered just for that reason. If you don't travel outside the U.S. then your choice really comes down to price (phone, voice & data plans) and signal strength in the areas you'll need your phone.

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