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    Does anybody use this
    crossword books
    if so how do they download crosswords for it?
    I'm flat out of ideas. any help?

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    I read the software write up on palm gear and it states in the description:

    If you have problems downloading/converting the web puzzles, check the websites themselves (via and since they will probably be the cause.

    No idea what that means, but let me recommend a better product. It is called Crossword Puzzles. I have about 25 on hand at all times, and when I get really frustrated I just change. I haven't been a huge gamer on my Handspring but this is one game I won't be deleting. I don't have a lot of games on the Visor because the take up too much space and sometimes just run very slow. Oh well... here's the link.
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    I'm installing it as we speak
    I was just in the mood for crosswords, wasn't too set on using the one i was trying i just couldn't find any other so thanks agian
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    No problem...

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