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    Marc: I could not find anything on this...but two issues, seperate but related. When I "reply all" to message that has been sent to me, one of the addresses it send to is mine (the recipient) - most of the time my email packages just pick up the sendr and any address in the cc: field. Is this by design?

    Also, when I attempt to "reply all" using <control><a> - it almost always works from my inbox list...however, reply using <control><r> almos never works (one out of a list of 15 emails in my inbox would allow a reply using this method. I am using your latest beta...

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    The first one is a bug; I can't repeat the second one at all (and I tried on 80+ emails), so I'm really not sure what's going on. Does it matter how you ask for "Reply All" (i.e. from the button vs menu command vs one-key command)?

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    OK. If I have the email in the inbox, neither one <ctl> a or <ctl> r - however, BOTH work once the email is opened. Perhaps this is by design.

    BUT, the first issue of replyng to my own email address happens whenever I "reply all" no matter what method, or from where (inbox or inside the email) - fixable bug?

    Love this product more each day - thanks!!
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    Menu-A and Menu-R don't work from the Mailbox view; you'd have to use the popup arrow next to the message to use those commands. You CAN, however, use the one-key commands "a" and "r" from Mailbox view, if you have "One Key Commands" selected in Prefs.

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    Marc - anything new on the "reply al" issue...I am still gettting copies to my inbox when I get an email from someone and I hit "reply all" -- thks!
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    What version, charliec?

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    Ok, I don't have other reports of that in recent versions. I'll put it on my list to look at, but it's not a high priority right now.

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    Still having this is the latest beta (today, Nov8) - any luck tracking down and squishing this bug? Thanks.
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    I can't make it happen, and I don't have other reports of it. Not sure the best way to track it down.

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    Strange - keeps happening no matter which new BETA I am using.

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