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    I occasionally have my work email forwarded to my SprintPCS account ( where I can read my messages easily on my Treo 650 with Versamail. In Versamail I have my work email address ( listed in the Reply To Address field under preferences. Everything works fine if I create and send a new message from Versamail. The recipient sees it as coming from However, if I reply to a message that has been sent to me or forward a message, the recipient sees it as coming from I'm fairly certain that this didn't happen before the Sprint ROM update that upgraded Versamail to 3.1B.

    Did Palm create a new "bug" in their attempt to fix the previous Forward / Reply bug in (where a reply to a forwarded message from a Treo would be sent to the original sender not back to the Treo account). I've posted this in a couple of other threads, but haven't seen any responses. So I'm curious if others are experiencing this or if I'm just doing something wrong.

    I tried sending/replying/forwarding messages to a separate account. This is what I noticed looking at the full header information:
    SENDER is always listed as (regardless of whether or not I've change the Reply To preference).
    X-SENDER is always listed as when I've set the Reply To pref
    REPLY TO is only listed if I initiate the email (not on forwards or replies)

    This is major annoyance to me. Any idea if Palm is aware of this. Do I just need to switch to Snapper?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just did the Cingular 1.17 upgrade, and most things got better. I was also finally thinking I could drop Snapper and go with Versamail, but the reply to address doesn't work. I haven't tested every possible combination, but with the emails I've sent, there's a problem. I have my work email forwarded to my personal ISP so I can check it and work with it away from the office. I have entered the address in the reply-to field, but the address that shows up for the recipient is Back to Snapper until the next round.

    And, by the way, I love Snapper -- but would also like to save the RAM if I could use the non-optional Versamail that's already there.

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