I dont know if its the whole slew of RiData 2GB 150X cards that are an issue or if I just got a defective card. But as a warning to my fellow TreoCentral folks I thought I would share.

I got a RiData 2GB 150X SD card last week and for the life of me couldnt get it to work. Inserting it into my 650 would cause constant soft resets until it was removed. Unable to format or do anything in the device. My PPC and SD Card reader on my pc read it fine. Formatted it a dozen times as a fat drive, no dice in the Treo. I did manage to get it in a few times without starting the reboot rinse repeat cycle but the treo would never even identify that there was a card inserted.

Today my A-Data 2GB 150X SD card arrived from NewEgg ($129 on special) and it works great. Put it in, treo saw it and I was ready to rock and roll.

Anyway, just thought that might save someone some time and money in dealing with shipping/exchange/return on a potential SD issue.