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    I have found a few solutions that I would really like to share with everyone. My problem was this:
    I needed to sync MS Outlook contacts and calledar entries with my Lotus Notes. Also, I really wanted a way to receive "push" corporate email to my Treo phone (I work from home, travel, and my company uses a domino server that I am only able to access with a "PoP" address). FYI... My phone is an unlocked Treo 650 (cingular branded but firmware replaced to unbranded). My service is T-Mobile with the unlimited internet plan ($20/month).

    My solution:
    For the PoP3 "push" -like email, the best solution I was able to find was Chattermail ( In my opinion, this is a superior email program to anything else out there. Versamail is good but not when you are constantly on the road and can only sync with the computer once a day or so. I highly recommend this program if your situation is similar to mine or you just like to have very frequent email "pushes" to your phone. I am currently using the trial version but plan to pay the $35 one time fee for the license.

    My company forces us to use Lotus notes (version 5.0...very old version, right). I needed to be able to synchronize Contacts and Calendar entries from my Treo to Lotus Notes (treo is already setup to sync with outlook). I have considered every option but the best solution that I found is a program called "DoubleLook for Lotus Notes" ( This program allows for REAL-TIME sync between Outlook and Lotus or Outlook and Palm Desktop. What I mean by real-time is that if I make a change to Outlook or Lotus, the program will immediately sync both programs. NOTE: This program does NOT sync email. Again, I am currently using the trial version but will pay the $79 for the license.

    If I confused you, here is a quick summary:
    Email:---> exclusively handled by Chattermail
    Sync process: Treo 650--->{palm software}---> Outlook---->{doublelook software}--->-Lotus Notes.

    I hope that this is a great help to everyone.
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    Good write up, I may check out their free trial.

    Question for you, I'm looking at the chatter site now, but can you download your folders and contained emails into chatter from your email client? (i use outlook.) because i have all my emails on my computer organized in that manner, and I want to take them with me...
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    Chatter allows you to sync your POP3 or IMAP email accounts. The POP3 function that I use does not allow for folders to be used however all of your messages will load to your phone upon the first "push". The IMAP email allows for folder separation. When you download the trial version onto your computer, open the zip file and read the Chatter email Manual (pdf file). Make sure that it is what you are looking for before you install it onto you phone. Hope this helps.

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