I have found a few solutions that I would really like to share with everyone. My problem was this:
I needed to sync MS Outlook contacts and calledar entries with my Lotus Notes. Also, I really wanted a way to receive "push" corporate email to my Treo phone (I work from home, travel, and my company uses a domino server that I am only able to access with a "PoP" address). FYI... My phone is an unlocked Treo 650 (cingular branded but firmware replaced to unbranded). My service is T-Mobile with the unlimited internet plan ($20/month).

My solution:
For the PoP3 "push" -like email, the best solution I was able to find was Chattermail (www.chatteremail.com). In my opinion, this is a superior email program to anything else out there. Versamail is good but not when you are constantly on the road and can only sync with the computer once a day or so. I highly recommend this program if your situation is similar to mine or you just like to have very frequent email "pushes" to your phone. I am currently using the trial version but plan to pay the $35 one time fee for the license.

My company forces us to use Lotus notes (version 5.0...very old version, right). I needed to be able to synchronize Contacts and Calendar entries from my Treo to Lotus Notes (treo is already setup to sync with outlook). I have considered every option but the best solution that I found is a program called "DoubleLook for Lotus Notes" (http://www.companionlink.com/dl4notes.htm). This program allows for REAL-TIME sync between Outlook and Lotus or Outlook and Palm Desktop. What I mean by real-time is that if I make a change to Outlook or Lotus, the program will immediately sync both programs. NOTE: This program does NOT sync email. Again, I am currently using the trial version but will pay the $79 for the license.

If I confused you, here is a quick summary:
Email:---> exclusively handled by Chattermail
Sync process: Treo 650--->{palm software}---> Outlook---->{doublelook software}--->-Lotus Notes.

I hope that this is a great help to everyone.