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    After it had been mentioned that StickBrain finally supports categories for Palm memos I upgraded to the latest version.
    Set it up as outlined in their manual (removed other memo conduits, etc)
    I turned on the stick brain conduit and did a hot sync under Misssing Sync.

    Nothing. No memos transfered from Treo. I had better luck with original 3 test version. Unfortuantely this isn't covered under their support page and any form of contact with the company for technical issues (even bug reporting) are charged for.

    Does this actually work for anyone not connected with StickBrian? Is there a special setting required?
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    It works fine with: Missing Sync 4.0.5 / StickyBrain Conduit.bundle 1.0.9
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    I have the same exact settings. Nothing. No memos to or from treo.
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    no problems with regular hotsync.
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    They're still trying to fix it but StickyBrain still does not truly support categories from the Palm so I don't plan to replace Palm's desktop/memo soon.

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