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    I receive many e-mails daily that I have set up rules in Outlook to automatically forward to a subfolder upon receipt. Is there any way I can access those subfolders on my Treo 650?
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    It depends on:
    - what app you're using to read email on your phone
    - the protocol of your mail server - POP or IMAP (common for internet and personal email) or Exchange (common for corporate email)

    If you are using VersaMail and a POP server (the most common configuration), then it's possible but difficult. You must first delete the email accounts from VersaMail on your Palm and on your desktop, sync, then run a Palm-supplied hack on your desktop computer to force VersaMail to see the subfolders, rebuild your accounts on the desktop, then sync again. Then it will work, sort of, most of the time. (Respond here if you want actual instructions).

    Or, you can buy Chatter (, which works every time.

    Someone else will have to help you for Exchange.

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