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    First I started out with a Sony Clie....Graffiti was great, learned how to use it well.

    Then I got a Tungsten (the first one)...still using Graffiti, but the screen protector sometimes didn't result in "accurate" inputs...but I could still use it fine.

    Now I have a Treo650....Graffiti Anywhere installed (latest version) and ready to go.

    Problem: Graffiti is this Graffiti 2 or something? I can't seem to be able to write anymore. I was hoping to use Graffiti anywhere primarily for memo's....but keep getting stuck on letters like l and i and k etc

    Q:Can anyone point me to a "Graffiti Alphabet" (like those supplied on the stickers you get with the tungsten) so that I can figure out what's changed and practice a bit?

    Cheers for any info.
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    Here's the first google search result for "palm graffiti 2" :


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    I am constantly amazed at how many people buy a device with a thumbboard.....then go out of their way to get graffiti working on it. I just don't get it. Personally, I HATE using the stylus for ANYTHING. To each his own, I guess.

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    Thanx Guys.
    For some reason I couldn't navigate to the palm page earlier.

    I've been practicing this new graffiti and only have one problem, I cannot get the 'i' to work. All the other letters are ok (and very few changes from graf 1).
    How does everyone else find writing 'i' it just me?

    ExtraOrdinaryJo: I agree in that I primarily use the keyboard. But then again, Graffiti Anywhere is free, it works, and there's no harm using graffiti 2 every now and then for things like memo is there?
    Although It's because of the difficulty I'm having with 'i' that I'm currently sticking mainly to keyboard at the mo'.

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