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    The last two days I've started getting error messages when trying to sync (on the Treo650) my yahoo mail using the Y! Mail program. Also it's not autosyncing like it always has before. No recent installs, deletions, or anything else that would be expected to cause the problem. Have googled and searched the Sprint, Palm, and Treo sites to no avail. Yahoo's customer service a pain to contact. Anyone else using this software or have any advice? Love the program when it works....
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    OK I figured it out. The error message means you have too many messages in your 'inbox'. Once you delete "enough" (not sure how many that is) of them, Yahoo Mobile Mail starts working again, just fine. Hopefully this helps someone else, some day.
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    I was so glad to find your posting, as I've been having the same mail error message for days and couldn't figure it out. I appreciate it very much!

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