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    I just came across this:

    Jabra BT350 Headset

    and I wondered if anyone has used this headset. I had a Jabra BT250v, and I loved the sound quality and the fact that it worked on the 650 with the handsfree profile. However, it was about the most uncomfortable thing I had ever used so I returned it. The BT350 looks like a more comfortable headset.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Looks pretty similar to the Treo Wireless Headset (which is made by Jabra). I guess the new thing is the vibrate.
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    Looks like the TWH,which I remember reading somewhere was the BT330 (I think).I'd like to try the BT500 if it ever comes out,but I would've loved if the BT800 worked well with the Treo so I wouldn't have to find the Treo to see who is calling....of the three BT headsets I currently own,the 250v is the one that gets used most often with the Treo...

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