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    I turned on my VDX this morning and saw an error message I'd never seen before. It said:

    DLServer Wait Forever is ON

    The message box had a lower-case letter "i" in a cartoon-like "balloon" (the kind they use to show what cartoon characters are saying) next to the text, and an "OK" box.

    The last thing I'd done last night was hot-sync with my desktop, and Hot Sync was still the active program on the screen. I'm not sure whether I looked at my Visor after hot-syncing last night, so I don't know whether this message had appeared before the Visor's Auto-off kicked in. Also, I use the Launch 'em interface.

    Does anyone have any idea what this is all about? Sounds interesting to a layman like me.
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    It seems others have come across this as well... here's a thread that discusses it.
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