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    I'm curious about the various external antennas out there for the Treo 650. Is anyone using one of these things? I found a website selling some for about $45 and up and the one I would likely get is $80. My problem is reception in the basement of the school I work in. If an external antenna would bring the signal down there, I could easily locate one for my purposes with about 15 feet of cable. I'd also like one in my car and home for better reception if these things work at all.
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    I have the Multi Whip antenna from and it works great. 4 different whips for different terrains. Perfect for car and home use.
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    I just purchased the RV/Trucker ant from Cellular Solutions. Came with 12' of cable and the FMC connector. They also sell the short pigtail for the cable to the phone adapter on the back of the 650.

    Doubled the number of bars from around 2 to full scale on my deck which is in a marginal reception area. Whole thing with shipping was about $64
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    Yes but it doesn't help. Still get dropped calls.

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