Well, after several days of use by myself I think this application is stable now. This application which is called "ClockPop5 Companion" intends to fix a buggy behavior of ClockPop5 on a Treo600 smartphone -- press and hold the trigger key when power off won't bring on the clock. This software simply fix it.

It is named "Companion" because its not a reimplementation of ClockPop5. You can still use ClockPop5 and with the plugin (called XTERN) you like. This applicaton only helps bring up the clock where it should be. So actually you need to install ClockPop5 along with this companion.

I know this work partly duplicates other works such as KeyGuardTime+, I only hope people who still like ClockPop5 will find this little application useful.

You can download ClockPop5 Companion at: