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    When instaling various Palm programs to my Treo from my Windows computer, I'm currently using Norton Anti-virus in the background (I try to turn it off when I do) but it's loosing it's charm quite quickly. What's your favorite ant-virus program?
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    Not sure what your question is. . . . I use Norton and it does not require me to turn it off to install Palm Programs. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    I think about half the population will be running Norton Antivirus & internet security in the background & didn't have any problem leaving them on while loading...including me

    (Perry is that your daughter I see all the time?!)
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    I use Norton and have no problems having it run in the background while installing apps on my Treo.
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    Mcafee had a product for handhelds .. although it is not very popular. I use their corporate product at work.

    I use AVG (Grisoft) and EZAV (CA) at home on my different home PC's. I'm not sure that either one of those pays any special attention to files hotsynced to the Treo.
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    I use F-Prot antivirus from F-Secure. No conflicts w/hotsync. I pretty sure most antivirus programs will scan .prc & .pdb files on the fly and tell you if they are infected.

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